Vision. Strategy. Values.


Burk Royalty’s vision is to be an enduring independent and private energy company.


Our strategy is to create value by acquiring and developing PDP-heavy assets. Our focus in field development is on maximizing cash flow by marrying operational and engineering decisions to our financial objectives. We place a high regard on forecasting objectives and creating sustainable and measurable goals for our asset managers to achieve. Our acquisition-focus is on scalable, understandable, and consumable assets in areas where we can find synergies with our other assets and businesses, specifically in the Central Basin Platform, Northwestern Shelf, North Central Texas, and the East Texas Basin.

Core Values

"A core value is something you're willing to be punished for."
- Pat Lencioni


Do the right thing.


Success is not inevitable: act today, not tomorrow.


Get better every day.


Be faithful in small things.


Clarity and honesty are kind.

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